Bucket List

No travel blog is complete without a bucket list.It is a bit sparse at the moment but it'll get there. I am naive and filled with a myriad of bright ideas, eventually they will work there way into list form.

  1. Attend a political rally
  2. Have a cross country romance
  3. Smoke weed in Amsterdam, then take an extended bike ride.
  4. Travel to the home town of someone I have met whilst travelling.
  5. See the sun rise on every continent.
  6. Go Zorb balling (Location non-specific, as long as it isn't at home)
  7. Oktoberfest
  8. Sleep under the stars
  9. See Diwali in India, St. Patrick's day in Ireland and Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
  10. La Tomtina in Spain
  11. See the Egyptian Pyramids 
  12. Ride the Trans-Siberian railway with my sister
  13. Go bridge jumping
  14. Go to a full moon party
  15. Work in a hostel
  16. Master cooking a complicated national dish
  17. Attend EXIT festival in Serbia
  18. Have dramatic break up
  19. Learn to dive (somewhere amazingly tropical)
  20. Hitch hike across a country 
  21. Go back and visit a school I have taught
  22. Go island hoping in the Mediterranean 
  23. Have a whirlwind romance whilst in a country for a limited time
  24. Drink alcohol that I have helped brew
  25. Have something published
  26. See the Northern Lights
  27. Go to the airport and pick a destination and leave
  28. Turn up home with no warning and surprise my Mum
  29. Visit every country in Europe (Getting close)
  30. Go to a full moon party in Thailand
  31. See the running of the bulls (not compete)
  32. Attend  the Cooper's Hill cheese rolling

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