Tuesday, October 2, 2012

....and sometimes your bored

After spending three hours de-husking corn your mind starts to drift.  I had called everyone I felt like talking to. I had sent many text messages in the hopes of evoking a reply, but after a while nothing.

As a keep saying to my sister, life is different here for us village folk. (Never in my life did I think I would refer to myself as village folk- I'm not particularly enjoying though.) I got to my school, teach my three hours a day and then walk home and watch the chickens run around the yard.

Until I had the internet I was going into the town everyday just to break up the monotony, there is nothing to do in town. But if I walked I had a good hour to just listen to some music and think. But that is how I unintentionally hitch hiked.

I was walking along listening to some happening jams, when a small beige car started to slow down. I glanced at the car but didn't recognise it. The car then stopped next to me, I looked through the window and saw who I thought was my host father; I climbed in. Sitting in the back seat was a woman I had never seen before, I assumed she was a nighbour. I looked to the front and realised I did not know the man, he was not my faux father.  The couple smiled at me and asked "Rustavi" (a city at least 6 hours away) I shook my head and said "Senaki." The couple laughed at my obvious confusion. They drove me into town and wished me on my merry way. it wasn't until later that I realised 

  • I had not told anyone where I was going.
  • My phone battery was dying
  • I didn't have my translation dictionary (my soul way of communicating with people.)

I spent a really long time talking to one of my friends back home about assassination.  It went for about an hour till we had both created a very detailed plan on how to murder someone should the situation arise.

That's when the boredom set in. 

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