Saturday, April 6, 2013

The ye ol' flood of 2013

The hostel has been shut for the last few days with the water turned off, one of the pipes exploded and caused a bit of a mess downstairs. I could have stayed there and just gone elsewhere to take a shower and use the restroom, but I decided to go to Wroclaw - the city of Gnomes.

The above not technically a gnomes but I would say definitely gnome like enough to be included in this photo spread. 

These gnomes have been around for a while and a new one arrives every year, generally they are sponsored by a business and placed out the front. What the gnome is doing is often related to the business. The first gnome was placed in the 1980's and was used to represent the protest movement that opposed the communism regime at the time. It was fun and absurd but mostly, it was an effective way to take a stand. 

Nobody is certain how many gnomes there are any more, rumour has it that there may be over 180, but as soon as your turn you back these little guys keep multiplying. 

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