Thursday, May 2, 2013

Back in Fighting Form

I am back on a computer.

For the low, low price of  $388 or (7777 Kč.)  

It's a cheap computer, but I challenge anyone in Australia to find a notebook - not a netbook, for that price. Hell, you couldn't even buy a smart phone for that price. Surely we make computers at home, why do they need to be so expensive. Silly Australia.

Things I have learn't about myself since I broke my laptop:

  • I thoroughly enjoy formatting things in lists.
  • I don't normally have an addictive personality, except when it comes to procedural crime dramas and trashy Australian soap operas.
I would like to thank the following for their support in the past few weeks, it's been a tough time for everyone:

  • YouTube
  • My phone
  • My Ipod
  • Anyone who I played Wordfeud against
  • The Guardian - Nicholas Sparks. You may just be another sappy love story that I am not particularly interested in, but you have filled the time nicely. 
  • Buzzfeed Mobile App
  • Motion City Soundtrack (Your infectious indie rock and dulcet tones have soothed me to sleep many a nights)
I would like to conclude this post by including a list of items that I have lost over this trip so far:
  • Boots - Full story here. 
  • Not one, but two scarves. One stolen by my bat shit crazy host mother in Georgia, another lost in night of drunken tom-foolery in Budapest. 
  • My ski jacket. - I saw it in the hostel when everybody had checked out for the flood, but then it mysteriously disappeared. I think Greg may have packed it with his stuff. 
  • A wallet - Stolen from a bar in Krakow, it only had 10 zl and a room key in it, so it really wasn't too upsetting. 
  • A bank card - left in the ATM when we stopped to buy ice cream in Tbilisi.
  • My handbag, the former soviet union gas mask bag. - Pretty sure it was stolen by some drunken slurry in the hostel. 
  • Majority of my clothing. - I honestly don't know what happened to it. 
  • Lens cap for my SLR camera. 
  • Two Ipod cords. 
  • The wall charger section for my phone. I now have a new one, but not through honest means. I stayed at this horrible place in Prague and asked if they had one I could borrow. They had a basket of about 20, and a bad attitude, so I just left with it.
  • The cord for my phone charger. - Left in the bar when it flooded. 
  • 30 bobby pins and every hair tie I had. 
  • Four toothbrushes.
  • Two lipsticks, one lip gloss and a compact powder brush. 
The post brought to you by Against me! - We Laugh at Danger (and break all the rules)

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