Friday, September 7, 2012

Three Flat Tyres Later

Training is over and we have been shipped off to our respected parts of the country. Mine being on the exact opposite side to my sister in the village Menji, 3 km from Senaki in the Samegrelo region. The bus ride was hectic and I was lucky enough to have two other TLG-ers on the bus. The ride itself took six hours, we were run off the road once and blew out a tyre about a two thirds into the trip. We made it and I only suffered a small bump to the head.

But there were two more flat tyres to come...

My co-teacher who speaks wonderful English has only recently moved to Senaki so her husband took the both of us plus another TLG friend on a sight seeing expedition around the region. First up the mountain to a church that had a view over the entire city, then to the river that flows from the mountain.

The first flat tyre did not occur when we were travelling at 140kph down a road spotted with cows, but later when we were leaving the castle remains. A man stopped to help but it was soon apparent that it was beyond repair and our make-shift guide hoped into the car with this man to go find another tyre. We enjoyed a chilled lunch whilst we waited.

The third flat tyre occurred no more than an hour later, Natia and I left the car on the side of the road and walked home. I have been assured that people have lived here for years and never seen a flat tyre. But with three in two days I am doubting the validity of that statement.

Life is beautiful in Senaki.  

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