Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blog title explained

Choosing a blog title is one of the hardest decisions  one has to make. The title speaks to the tone of the blog, you want it to give the audience a little taste of what is going on inside. In my case I wanted it to be light hearted maybe a little funny, but not the kind of funny where it was humorous at the time but when you look back at it you cringe - like when you think of the Hotmail address you created when you were twelve and first discovered MSN chat.

My friend was helping me brain storm ideas for it and we came up with "One Bag Full." This is a blog relating to my exploits whilst travelling, so it makes sense. I have my one bag full. But it is also an inside joke between my friend Ash and I. It started on a faithful trip to Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
I had recently been accepted in the teach and Learn Georgia program so I was making the voyage to Sydney to see my father and some other family before I left. I convinced my friend ash to come with my promising him after the family formalities were done we would share in a few debaucherous nights.
Ash testing out our incredibly small hotel room 

We woke up on our second day there with the hangover of champions, but we weren't going to let that stop us. Luna park was waiting for us. On the way to Luna Park we walked under the Sydney harbour bridge, there was a little old woman sitting outside of a corner store talking to her friend, also a little old woman. As we walked past we managed to catch a snippet of her conversation.

'...and so I said to Mabel, there was not one measly bag full, there wasn't even two bags full, there was a remarkable three bags full."

Ash and I stopped and looked at each other, was this woman telling her friend a nursery rhyme and passing it off as her own story? Did her friend have Alzheimer's and believed what this woman was saying?

In all honesty this woman could have owned a sheep farm and was talking about the yield she had off her animals this season. But what fun is that she was definitely stealing nursery rhymes and claiming them as her own material.

That night a challenge was born, talk to a stranger using claiming a fairytale or nursery rhyme to be your own story.  I don't remember if we were successful in our endeavour.

The next time I was at work I sent Ash this text message.

Did I tell you what my god daughter Cindy got up to? Well that girl has got some nerve. She was complaining and complaining about how her step mother was being mean to her and how she favoured her own daughters. So I called up her step mother and talked to her, convinced her to let Cindy go to the upcoming ball, she reluctantly agreed, saying she really needed a break and it would be good for her. So I went over there and brought Cindy the beautiful dress, it was one of my own, passed down through the family -  I thought it would look beautiful on her. I organised everything, a suitable mode of transport, a male escort, she was going to have the night of her life. I only had one request, not an unreasonable one, be home before midnight. It is not proper for a girl of her age to be out galavanting around half the night doing god knows what. AND do you know what! She disobeyed me, she turned up at some awful hour in the morning torn clothes, her hair a mess missing a shoe! I don't know what that little slut was up to. She was babbling nonsense about a prince and her car being a pumpkin. I think she's on drugs. I don't know what to do with her. 

Needless to say, I wasn't very busy at work that day. 

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