Thursday, January 31, 2013

These boots [gum] were[n't] made for walking [down wet cobblestones].

Kala Castle

 The path to the Kala Castle is a very steep, narrow cobblestone path. The only shoes I have are gum boots, so when it started to rain I thought I'll be fine - these are all terrain shoes. Apparently not, as soon as there was a little bit of water between the soles of my shoes and the cobblestones it was as if there was large chunks of lard strapped to the bottom of my shoes.

I broke up the walk to the castle by visiting the ethnographic museum. There were signs everywhere saying no photos but the woman running the place must of liked the look of me because she said, "For you, photos ok." It was probably because I was the only person they had seen in a while. I didn't want to push my luck so I only took this one photo. The loom.

15C Loom

 I think looming has died out as an art form. Perhaps because the term looming as such sinister connotations, when someone looms you don't think of weaving together a beautiful rug. You think of a creepy 40 year old man in a black trench coat, creeping up behind you as you read a book in the dying afternoon sunlight.

Cannon guarding the entrance to the castle. 
When I first walked into the castle, I bought my ticket strolled through the archway. There was an older woman in a peach coat, I walked past her, she started to follow me. Being young I figured I would just walk a bit quicker surely she would soon lose interest in me. No. She chased me, she legitimately chased after me. I turned around and looked at her (I assume my face said "what are you doing you crazy old bat") she said nothing and just stuck out her hand. I think somebody should tell the beggars of the world that aggression doesn't work, you get much further with politeness and a pathetic look in your eyes.

SIDEBAR - When I was in Pristina waiting for the bus back to Skopje, I was enjoying a coffee with a young American fellow. A small beggar child came up to us. He was dressed like a very tiny gangster; wallet chain, sideways hat and all. He demanded money, not please, just "give me money." He must have felt us smirking at his attire, because he threatened to hit me. Come on kid, if I had even thought about giving you money I was most certainly not going to now. Your four foot tall you can't threaten me into giving you money.

After I walked up to the castle, I came back down crossed the river and walked right back up the mountains on the other side. This was not a gentle walk up the cobblestones, this was an actual trek. There was a path, which was overgrown and scattered with fallen trees. It wasn't bad and to get to the top was only about 20 minutes, there was supposed to be remnants of the old area of Illyria. There was very little left of the ruins. Only one wall. The trek was up there was worth it for the amazing view of the city.

The view of the city. 

There was an odd man walking around at the top of the mountain, he was wrapping the trees in multicoloured construction tape and carrying two unopened umbrellas on his arm.

I thought this sign was funny. "These trees were planted with the support of the EU." Is that it, that one lousy little tree that looks like the next big gust of wind would blow it over? There were a few more around but all pretty much in the same shape. Hopefully just because it is winter.

Osum river

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