Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sacrilegiously good time...

I find the problem when travelling alone is sometimes you have to hang out with less than questionable characters, people you probably wouldn't associate with at home. I guess you don't have to hang out with them but the reality of spending everyday by yourself is a lonely one.

The old rubber arm is also my other problem; I will rarely say no to anything. So when I was hanging out with a group of Croatian students and one of the girls innocently asked me if I would like to smoke some weed with them, who am I to say no.
River Miljacka

It was the days leading up to New Years Eve and everything was full, I found a hostel that was really nice but a bit more than I would normally like to pay. Everyone who was staying there knew each other except me. They all went to the same university in Zagreb, most of them studying medicine.  One of the girls had smuggled some weed across the border. Her theory was that Bosnia was a poor country and therefore wouldn't have drug sniffing dogs. She was probably right but I can't help but feel a drug conviction wouldn't look good if you were trying to apply for your medical licence.

The weather was pretty poor in Sarajevo that day so we just hung around drinking coffee, after we left the coffee shop some people decided to shop. One of the girls pulled me aside and asked if I would like to join her to have a smoke.

Not wanting to go all the way back to the hostel we snuck into an alley way and smoked this reasonably sized joint, when we finished we realized that we had been in full view of a mosque the entire time, perhaps I was just high but I didn't feel too bad.  The next day when we shared another joint we actually went into the oldest temple in Bosnia I did feel a little bit guilty.
Smoking shisha in the old Turkish Quarter of Sarajevo

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