Monday, March 25, 2013

The return of my lost jacket

 So I lost may jacket in Budapest, I was drunk and lost my coat check ticket and they would not let me get it back. They said come back the next day.

Went back the next day and they were shut, long story short - they were shut for the next two days. I emailed them about coming to get it. They told me to come to another branch of the club and I could get it.

It was not there.
 I emailed them asking if they could maybe keep it for three months for me. I was leaving that day and going to work in Poland.  It was a long shot, but the club was happy to obliged.

Three days letter, I got a message from some of my teaching friends, (the ones I was supposed  to meet in Tirana) they were in Budapest.

I told them my jacket predicament, somehow the stars aligned and they managed to find the club, convey to the staff that they were there to find my  jacket.

They told me they had to dig a bucket that had about 200 jackets in it. They found mine through a very vague description and concluded it was mine when they saw curly red hairs on it. Bravo to them, they were correct.

These wonderful people then took my jacket cross country, all the way to Bratislava for me, where we reunited (myself and the jacket.)  As a trio we travelled on to Vienna to celebrate the birthday of one friend.

Vienna was crazy expensive, the only good part was because it was her birthday we got numerous free drinks at the hostel bar. Followed by a delicious Austrian feast the next day.

Trying to leave Vienna was my problem. More to come on that.  

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