Sunday, June 9, 2013

You know you're a back packer

You know you're a back packer when you.......

  • Have been the smelly person on public transport.
  • Have grown a beard and think it's totally acceptable
  • Will take the bus for 24 hours if it means saving some money
  • Know how to pack light and what benefits it will hold later. No paying for checked baggage, no dragging luggage up six flights of stairs.
  • Have lived on nothing but bread for multiple days and don't think there is anything wrong with this diet.
  • Are not scared of situations when your probably should be. Over night train through eastern Europe  alone  - not a problem
  • Have lost a pair of shoes
  • Have walked 2 km in the rain to avoid paying for public transport
  • Have had someone cut your hair (or cut it yourself) with shoddy kitchen scissors
  • Know things aren't shaped by what you saw or did, but how you felt and the experience as a collective
  • Have travelled with someone and became subsequent best friends for a week
  • Have had a great night out with people you met less than 24 hours ago
  • Have ran for a bus/plane/train with a large back pack
  • Have got so drunk you don't know how you made it back to your hostel
  • Have gone multiple days without a shower. Twice a week is enough. 
  • Have heard someone or been the person to have sex in a dorm with other people in it
  • Have pilfered food from a free breakfast. (If you paid for breakfast you are allowed to pocket exactly double what you would have eaten for consumption at a later time.)
  • Have worn clothes that were in the lost and found.
  • Have missed a flight/plan/train
  • Have attempted hitch hiking
  • Guess people's nationality based on their luggage
  • Only know what day it is if you have a flight
  • Can scout out free WiFi in the most obscure places
  • Know no permanent address
  • Have owned and worn a pair of fisherman pants
  • Have a strict budget, except when it comes to alcohol
  • Know anything can be used as a towel
  • Scarves are magic. (towel, sarong, headscarf, cover up, etc.)

                     Conservative head scarf                                            Make shift hand bag

Use one scarf million different ways.

Most of all it's the night you'll never remember, with the people you'll never forget. 
NB I'm not quoting Drake.

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