Friday, February 1, 2013

My drunken ramblings

When I get back to the hostel after spending time drinking, I think it is the perfect time to talk to my friends at home. It is the middle of the day for them, so my conversation are always less coherent then theirs.  

  • "I just wanted him for his passports."
  • "Predictive text is my enemy; it's weak me. Fuck. Against me**"
  • "Farmville will fix it! Imaginary things that rely on you. You'll feel need to milk the cows and harvest and loved when it remembers your name."
  • "I'm calling shenanigans - you are too old to timezone by yourself."
  • "You could play in photoshop and make things. Then sell them as business logos if you get bored."
  • "It can be a chapter in your memoir."
  • "I'm jealous, you'll get to eat salt and vinegar chips."

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