Friday, February 8, 2013

Border Faux Pas

I am at the border crossing between Serbia and Macedonia, we have been stopped here for about half an hour. The police are intently checking the bus, dragging people off the bus and forcing them to unlock their luggage so it can be searched. I have my bags with me on the bus, so they seem to think they don't need to be checked.

I think I may have committed a border faux pas a few minutes ago.

A police officer came on to the bus to check everyone who hadn't gotten off to unlock their luggage  This happened to correspond with  American Pie coming on the radio, it's a great song, it needs to be sung. I couldn't help myself, I started quietly, but once I felt the rhythm I just couldn't stop singing. It was never overly loud, but I didn't stop when the officer got me, he did not look impressed. He looked at me as if my singing was actually a code that would point him in the direction of any illegal activity.

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