Thursday, February 7, 2013

Time to stop Peter Pan-ing

I thought once I stopped working in a coffee shop I would be able to kick the caffeine addiction. I was wrong. What is one to do when tiny little cups of delicious tasting energy are less than a dollar?
I'm back in Tirana for a few days, the weather is poorly so I have taken to a coffee shop to write this and feed my addiction.

I'm back in Tirana because I was offered a teaching position in Ankara. I deliberated over the decision to take this job for a long time. About an hour, which for me is a long time. I have a tendency to be impulsive and make flippant life decisions.

I don't know if I am  ready to work again. It means a lot of thing, responsibilities, having to get up at a certain time, I won't be able to leave a city just because I don't like the weather. But reality has come crashing down, eventually:

  •  I am going to need to make some real money- this job could offer me that. 
  • It would be nice to know where I am going to sleep every night- this job could offer me that. 
  • It would be nice to have a people I know around me that aren't going to be leaving at dawn to catch a train - this job could offer me that. 
  • It would be nice to have more than four different outfits- this job could offer me that. Dear lord I could go shopping again.
  • It would be nice to have some professional experience to put on my resume - this job could offer me that. 

But something is wrong, I can feel myself hesitating when I think about it. It's the Peter Pan syndrome. Peter Pan syndrome is a sociological term that was coined a few years ago in reference to generation Y. We are the generation that refuses to grow up.

We spend longer in school, working menial jobs, living off our parents; we get married later, put off kids until our 30's because in our own eyes, we're still children. Gone are the days, where men would be in full time employment and and women would be chained to the kitchen with a baby by 25.

 We are given so many more opportunities and one of these is travel. The world is no longer a big scary place, it is in our backyard and through the miracles of budget airlines, accessible.  So we see the world and tell ourselves after  we have conquered that, we'll stop, get a job... grow up.

I guess that's what is wrong with me, if I take this job I'm growing up and god forbid making a mature decision. I may as well just buy a house in the 'burbs and pop out some babies because that's what this job is saying about my future.

I guess I am over reacting, as it's only a four month contract. There will be plenty of time afterwards for lustful adventures and drunken mistakes.

But I'm still unsure.

PS. These pictures in no way correlate the story. They make up for the lack of picture of Tirana.

A fitting farewell to what may be my last post from Albania.

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