Saturday, February 9, 2013

The first and last time I want to visit a foreign police station.

I am writing this from a police station. What started as a simple walk has ended here. I am completely fine, nothing happened, the guest house owner really overreacted.

We went of for a walk yesterday afternoon, it's about a 35 minute walk into town. Once we got there we decided that it was time for a beer. Which turned into several beers and at some point switched to cognac for a few drink then back to beers.  We had a few small bowls of chips, then a few bowls of apple chunks. It seemed like an odd dish to get in a bar but they were amazing. Someone also bought us some roasted almonds. So all in all it was a great night. That bar shut, we went somewhere else. About 1 AM we decided to head back to the guest house.

We got back to the hostel and the gate was locked. I gave Claire a boost over the fence, figuring that it would have the key on the other side. It did not, but that didn't matter anyway because we were completely locked out of the house. I looked for a way to get into the yard. Claire looked for a way into the house, the search proved futile on both ends. I could hear Claire making an absurd amount of noise, surely they were going to wake up and let us in. They did not. Claire climbed back over the fence and we walked back into town to find a hotel.

Found a hotel, crashed out, ate an awesome breakfast the next day and started the walk back to the hostel.  The owner had called the police because we didn't show up back at the hostel. We tried to explain that we came back and it was locked. The owner made such a big deal about how he hadn't slept a wink, which was clearly a lie because he would have heard us in the yard.

We had to go to the police station and retract the missing persons report, we were asked a a lot of questions  that seemed excessive and unnecessary. How many years we had spent in school? What are our father's first names? The detective really kept pushing the fact that we needed to tell the truth.

 I don't know why they think we would lie about it? We had done nothing wrong, we were safe. It was a super strange situation.

A cat asleep on a hay bail, the Albanian Alps in the background. 


The owner received a 700 EURO fine. When the police came to the guesthouse they found out he hadn't been paying his taxes. Today he tried to tell us that it was our fault he got the fine and hinted that we should pay it. I am leaving when Claire leaves because this dude seems to be loosing his shit and I don't want to be the only one here with him.

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