Sunday, February 3, 2013

The story of how I got the blood clot

Three days after the fall
I was really drunk in Tbilisi with some friends, we got back to the hostel quite late at night. Thinking I had a bit too much to drink I decided to go down stairs and vomit, thus reducing my hangover for the morning. I had forgotten though, that the bathroom floor was really wet and slippery. I fell over and smashed my arm against the edge of the sink.

At first I thought it just to be bruised, but it hadn't gone down in two weeks. So I had to go to the hospital which was an hour away. The hospital was a chaotic old soviet building, the x-ray technician I had was missing an ear. None of these things were building my confidence in the medical care I was about to receive.

After having my arm x-rayed I was taken to another room to wait. The technician came back and said that my arm wasn't broken it was just a very large blood clot and if I was married this would never have happened. I was given some cream and sent on my way.

UPDATE: The clot is still there.

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